Buried under demands of the day, it can be difficult to focus on the insights and techniques that will accelerate your success as a leader. It’s all too easy for action to succumb to reaction. It’s a challenge for most leaders to sort out what’s really important and where to focus their energy.

Our Offer: To be an expert sounding board and help build effective processes through basic systems theory. And to provide clear distinctions and mental models that help you and your business walk the “thinking and intuition” tight rope.


In this new millennium business owners and managers are increasingly finding less “black and white” solutions. The Heartwood Group follows a simple and comprehensive process with clients built around three fundamentals.


Making sound business decisions and personal choices based on vision, values, passions, and sense of purpose. Thrive in times of uncertainty and transition when the stakes are high personally and professionally.

Key Skill: We teach and model expert inquiry and rebuild your curiosity to question your own points of view.


Keep things simple and cultivate a “Systems Thinker” mentality. Learning to look at the whole system and not simply the “parts” keeps organizations and individuals from taking the easy way out and sub optimizing.

Key Skill: Understanding how process development can be a powerful tool for people and not just machines.


Focus on your commitments and grow into a bold, centered leader. Live out of your values regardless of your circumstances and fully understand “leadership presence” and how it affects you and those depending on you.

Key Skill: Strengthen the heart and will to speak from your heart and trust your intuition to take timely purposeful risks.



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