President, The Ash Grove Group, Inc.

Santa Barbara, CA

“Mark is an insightful and steadfast professional with a broad range of experience. His depth and tenacity have been consistently demonstrated both in corporate and individual settings. Whether you are dealing with a complex intractable issue or one of lesser magnitude, Mark has the background and skill to help clarify and resolve both individual and organizational issues.”


Christian Fellowship Union

Leon, Mexico

“Mark has coached me for almost 4 years now. Mark has been an encourager to me and his heart for the Lord sets him in a great place to coach well. Mark has helped me gain clarity both regarding decisions and vision for my ministry. If you want someone who can ask questions that make you think, Mark is your man.”


Owner, GPS Dairy Consulting

Verona, WI

“I have been receiving coaching and consulting from Mark on a regular basis for the last nine plus years. The rewards have been many on both a personal and professional level, including better self awareness, leadership skills, interpersonal dialogue skills, and gaining a much better understanding of how to balance the time demands of running a business while having a quality family life. I would highly recommend Mark as a professional coach and consultant for guiding and enriching the pursuit of your next personal or professional chapter in life. Strong recommendation – 5 Stars!.”


Owner, Marvelous Maids

O’Fallon, MO

“Mark Uhlenberg is a seasoned professional with exceptional integrity. He is a great sounding board but also offers his suggestions and expertise. Changes made in the business as a direct result of working with Mark have increased our customer base by 10% in a 4 month period and decreased my personal stress level as the business owner. Clarity and peace of mind regardless of my personal or professional circumstances has led me to better decision making as a business owner.”


Blue Spring Communications

Manchester, MO

“Mark is a person of quiet confidence, who has attained leadership in his own life through attitudes and beliefs that he passes on to others in ways that deliver new insights into personal possibilities. He is a joy to work with because even though he may be in a management relationship he acts like a co-worker. Mark’s offer to coach others is made through a spirit of sharing and service, more than personal gain. I have gained new insights into who I am, what I am committed to, and what I can offer in my business and professional life.”

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