Mark Uhlenberg personal photo

Mark Uhlenberg, Founder of the Heartwood Group

Mark Uhlenberg has a unique and diverse background. HEARTWOOD’s organizational values are rooted in Mark’s rural upbringing on an Iowa farm.
A.Mark Uhlenberg, M.Ed.
Professional Coaching and Organization Development Consulting
966 Bentley Park Circle, O’Fallon, MO 63368
636 329 9349 Office 636 448 0979 Mobile

Mark has always been a “pragmatic” coach. He sums up his diversity of experience as “Cows to Corporate”. From farmer to business executive in large corporate settings, Mark has always been full of possibilities and practical at the same time. That is why Mark established The HEARTWOOD Group, LLC for leadership coaching and organization development. Mark wanted an adventure dedicated to helping people (and the organizations they lead) strengthen their core purpose. The HEARTWOOD Group is a unique and amazing network of compassionate and focused professionals. Diversity and shared values link Mark to several “common sense” professional coaches and human resource development professionals.

Just a few of the things I have been privileged to do include; farming, teaching, executive coaching, consulting, training and development, sales management, speaking, facilitation, parenting, and loving life.

Values like faith, family, community, responsibility for animals, hard work, and a respect for the land formed a strong connection to the importance of being straight forward.

To better understand what Mark brings to the relationships with his clients check out the testimonials section from successful professionals.

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