We want to work with individuals and organizations that want to grow exponentially and expand their influence in their businesses, community, and society. The Heartwood Group offers a variety of coaching and consulting options to suit your business and individual needs. Below are some of the services that the Heartwood Group provides. Email us at to set up an initial Discovery Session. If we can’t help you we will network you with someone who can.


Mark is a Certified Hudson Institute Coach. You can be confident that the coaching you receive is grounded in sound process and thorough understanding of what coaching is and what it is not. Working with a wise and seasoned professional coach is our offer. If you are going to learn, you need to be working with a professional coach that is a role model of lifelong learning and coaching. HG coaches have years of valuable and unique experience, education, and training in working with businesses and individuals in transition. Entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, and leaders from a diverse list of organizations come to us seeking help with becoming a better leader, more effective as a whole person, and creating impactful business teams. We help individuals become resilient, high performance human beings and to live out their commitments and passions. Email for more details on process and get a free 1 hour session.


Mark successfully completed a Masters in HRD from University of Minnesota in 2003 after several years as a successful sales manager, business coach, and people manager, Minnesota’s HRD program is rigorous and independently ranked as a premier program internationally. In addition, Mark has Certificates in both HRD and Adult Education. As a member of the Academy of Human Resource Development current theory to practice research is always being evaluated. Unleashing the expertise in organizations and individuals is fundamental to performing successful strategic work in organizations. Partnership and ethics is the cornerstone to great consulting relationships. The Heartwood Group has unmatched experience in assisting leaders to make meaningful change that results in bottom line results. A systems approach is used to help the client gain a thorough understanding of all the factors that impact their organization and their goals. The ultimate goal is to transfer skills and knowledge by educating the client so that their business can perform without the assistance of the consultant after completion. Contact us for a guaranteed ROI consulting adventure with a Heartwood Group Consultant.


  • Sales Leadership and Management
  • Becoming A Sales Professional
  • Pragmatic Coaching Basics
  • Sales Management Basics
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team and Individual Renewal
  • Presence and Presentations
  • Leadership Distinctions
  • Personal Awareness Skills

These services focus on personal awareness, team building, and individual/team renewal. Several options exist within the network of The Heartwood Group. Training programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the organizations and individual clients. Fundamental training on a variety of leadership skills, strategic planning, and organizational skills are available. Providing programs after thorough assessment is the standard practice. This avoids unsuccessful and costly training interventions.

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