Team Works: If you are Share and not Compare

Sharing or Comparing

Any team or business has potential for tremendous public identity to get things done and to perform amazing things for their customers. Our customers demonstrate this by continuing to do business with us and refer others to our offer.  Each person within a business or team is unique in his or her talents, gifts, and personality.  Combine this fact with the clarity of a compelling offer to your market place and you have some magic. Working together as a team requires unique and constant compromise. Some compromises by teammates are undertaken silently. Others are vocal and fully visible journeys to agreement.

The level of agreement needed for successful decisions in a team is everyone’s responsibility. When a business or intact team decides to focus on a performance result there is always the important task of decision making. If you feel that there is confusion or an agreement has been broken or misunderstood…it is each individual team member’s responsibility to reach a new understanding as a team.

When we compare ourselves to others we might think we don’t have enough skills, gifts, or talents. Or when we compare someone to someone else we may not think one person measures up to another. What really is at play is varied or unknown expectations. Expectations come into play because they often are unclear, unconsciously assumed, or were never clearly established upfront. Team members need to know (and constantly seek out) what is expected of them from not only from their coach/manager, but other teammates.

Accepting each other for the special gifts they bring to the team or project is a tremendous start to begin taking full advantage of maximum team performance. Even more empowering is to have a clear understanding of the team’s common purpose…its reason for being. Each individual has a purpose in life and can follow after a certain calling if they are clear what it is.

A calling is merely the vocational experience of your purpose. There is no need to have a calling if there is no caller.  And that is exactly what purpose (the reason for being…a team or business) does. It calls us to something greater than ourselves. This dynamic works through each layer of an organization…starting with the individual and growing with each system layer.

Grow your ability to speak what your heart says is truth to you and the entire team will be able to push out of a comfort zone. You will grow a willingness to encourage others even when it is difficult. Share your feelings and thoughts more openly than maybe you have in the past and don’t “play small”.  Be prudent as needed, but take risks or live with status quo. And lastly aspire to be kind and value others as a human being first and invite them to accompany you on a quest for greatness.

Let go…so that you can take on new possibilities of greater team work. Start sharing and quit comparing.



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