Coaching to Core Ideals for Leaders

In the most recent Blog on  Coaching to Core Ideals for Leaders five ideals or characteristics were listed that would provide a core framework for some very simple yet powerful criteria to coach and support leaders in their development.  Leaders in the broadest sense, because I firmly believe that a leader is a learner with a vision.  It is the idea of moving and learning or leaning towards something, but also the paradigm of living in these Core Ideals as well.  By living in them I could also say that these are practices and areas of focus that a leader should seek to master over time.  So, let’s begin to look at each one of these five ideals (Visionary, Authentic, Disciplined, Accessible, and Strategic Learner) by beginning with Visionary.

Warren Bennis has written several books on Leadership and I recommend them all, but his book ‘Leaders: Strategies for Taking Charge’ has influenced my work with leadership teams and individual leaders greatly.  He brings easily understood strategies in a powerfully simple process.  Warren Bennis, my coaches and mentors influence my approach and the desire to help leaders whenever and wherever they show up in my life as a certified Hudson Institute coach or consulting on human resource development.

The IDEAL LEADER is Visionary

  1. Has a vision for their life and work and engages mentors to hold them accountable

Take me somewhere!  I have seen this sentiment play out far too many times for business owners and executives.  They have an organization willing and wanting to follow them.  These leaders lack the awareness that the vision for their life and work provides invaluable support to those depending on them for direction.  I’m not talking about great orations and fancy platitudes.  It is simpler than that.

Just the fact that you as a leader clearly understand where you are going makes you show up differently without even saying a word.  And when you engage  a coach or mentor to hold YOU accountable it builds into you (the leader) the experience of BEING accountable.  So that (I love those two little words “SO THAT”), you can then generate accountability within others knowing what it “feels” like from your own experience.  Leadership is intellectual (The Mind), physical (The Body), and spiritual (The Soul). Each of these human dimensions are all involved in being a leader.  This is why coaching individuals and teams of leaders to BE THE VISION for their business is so powerful. There are most certainly leadership activities to “do” more effectively, but it is who and how we are BEING that wins the day.

In coaching or leading there is one simple prerequisite in my book.  It is an experience,  for both you and those you have been blessed to “be” a leader in their life or career.   You have to have been led or coached.  Having the experience of being a follower or being coached generated within you gives you the greater likelihood that you can generate it within another.  Leaders leading leaders should be the goal for many organizations.  There is plenty of demand and room for leaders.

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Next time… The Ideal Leader has a compelling reason to offer others for why they should follow them either through both word and action.

  1. #1 by heartwoodgroup on 12/12/2010 - 10:26 am

    I have updated this blog with a few things I thought I missed.

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